Simple, powerful, podcast-powered content machines for brands who want to gain awareness, attention, & authority

How our Service Works...

Step One: You do your thing: record your heroic brand Podcast with our guidance

Step Two: We produce your Podcast from top to bottom

Step Three: We publish and promote your Podcast

1. We work with you to determine who your target audience is and decide what kinds of content are the most attractive to them and get you set up recording top quality audio and video at your home.

2. Here's what goes into the production: We upload and manage files, edit your podcast, transcribe it so the search engines love it, create show notes, titles, descriptions, youtube, thumbnails, cover art and conduct two top-down quality reviews so you look like a rockstar.

3. We carefully publish it across the internet on every platform that makes sense for your content and we announce your podcast everywhere. And we promote you on Facebook, Youtube and in all the Podcast directories. We make sure your guests have everything they need to cross-promote you on their podcasts for "halo" marketing goodness.

Show Publishing Plan

Concierge Podcast Production Details:

  • Audio/video content edited into 1-2 complete episodes
  • File upload, organization, & management
  • Secure file backups
  • Transparent, interactive content management board for tracking
  • Editing includes: intro, outro, commercials, lower-thirds, & major mistake removal
  • Full human-created transcription of each episode
  • Keyword research for titles, tags, and hashtags on various social platforms
  • Title, sub-title, short description, & episode numbering
  • Customized social media description for episode announcements
  • Square graphic suited for Instagram, iTunes, your blog, and other social media platforms
  • Wide graphic suitable for Youtube Thumbnail, Twitter & Facebook posts, and more
  • Tall graphic suitable for Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook stories, and more
  • Announcements posted to every social media platform you use
  • Full episode published to Facebook, Youtube, iTunes, & your website
  • Notifications sent to your email, sms, & bot lists
  • Guest emails sent with links to all assets for promotion

Concierge Guest Booking & Complementary Podcast Booking:

  • Automated booking system setup
  • We will research & line up 5 guests per month for your show and/or line up 4 complementary podcasts for you to appear on.
  • We manage everything. You just show up and record.

Audio/Visual Content Repurposing:

  • 2-3 quotable images for each each episode (with social media text and headlines)
  • 2-3 sixty-second video clips with headline and captions from each episode
  • Publishing of each content piece to every social network for which it's suited (links back to original content)
  • One long form professionally written article each week and published to Medium, LinkedIn & your blog (all linked back to original episode)

Advertising & Promotion

  • Facebook, YouTube, and Display Network 3 Tier Content Campaign
  • Tier 1: Every episode boosted to existing audience for maximum viewership
  • Tier 2: Best performing content boosted to Channels & Pages with ideal audiences to increase viewership
  • Tier 3: Custom direct response ads to drive more subscribers and leads to regular listeners/watchers

Monetization: Websites & Sales Funnels

  • Heroic Brand Website
  • Heroic Brand Webinar
  • Liquidation Funnel
  • Customer VIP Club

Let's work together

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