Let Google and Bing casually suggest your company every time your customers search.



  • Be the first (and only) company that your customers see when searching online.
  • Hijack your customers before they have a chance to see any competitors.
  • Own the entire first page of Google and Bing for your search terms!
  • Meaningful organic page ranking follow along benefits
  • Skyrocket traffic and conversions, which lead to more sales and more profit.









When prospective customers click on your company's name in Autocomplete, you take over the whole first page! 

When your company buys a keyword, you own it exclusively!

When someone searches for that term, your company will show up as an auto-suggestion in the search engine. 

It will appear as though people are recommending you, or that you have the most authority in your business category. 

( In this example, the keyword is "heating Phoenix.")


Should I just keep paying for Ads?

You can definitely do that, and if it's working out well for you, don't stop it, but I invite you to study the following chart like your life depends on it. It shows how much some business owners are actually paying per click on their keywords. The harsh, and truly crappy reality that not many talk about is that it can take fifteen, twenty or even thirty clicks before one of those clicking customers gives you a dime of pre-tax income.

Imagine you're playing the hottest online game.

The name of the game is "Golden Keywords: Google and Bing Ads Edition", and one thing for sure, it's a wild thrill ride.

Here's how the game is played for most folks. Some people have figured out loopholes and cheat codes that work until they don't, but for most, this will ring true. First you need to ante up your fortune to have a seat at the table. Then you have to bid on a golden treasure - which is your keyword, as in everything, the highest bid wins. You then have the opportunity to get more gold when your customers click on your word, but that only happens if you do everything just right.

But beware, each click is a gold coin falling from your treasure chest - sometimes even at the hands of your chuckling competitors. Imagine this - your treasure chest springing a leak, your shiny dreams slipping away coin by coin.

For the high-rolling tycoons, it's all part of the game, chalked up as a "business expense". But the small-time dreamers? They're caught in this pay-per-click whirlwind, struggling to keep up. With each click, their hopes take a hit and their dreams get a step further. A tough game, indeed!

Want to own exclusive rights to Booty Island?

Like a treasure map revealing all the hidden spots, search engine results show all your competition too...which is not too good if you want people to choose your business, and ignore the rest.

But, here's where Autocomplete is your new secret weapon: Once you reserve a keyword, it's yours alone. It's like owning your own private island with all the booty on it.

Let's call this island "Booty Island". The law of Booty Island is that no one else can step foot on it and all ships that pass need to leave some treasure on the island to ensure their safe passage.

And the best part? You only pay a once-off, flat rate per month to own the rights to Booty Island, even if you get a boat-load of clicks, like a million or three, or even four! That means unlimited gold for you on Booty Island.

Now, how cool is that?

Seriously, can you afford NOT to reserve your most important business words in Autocomplete right now?

Let's get real here, folks: If you snooze, you lose.

Think of your business/location keywords as your golden tickets to success. If you don't grab them quick, your rivals are gonna snatch them up and lock them away in their vaults. And once they're gone, they're gone.

Poof! Just like that!

Now, we're not gonna lie, it would break our hearts to turn you down. It wouldn't matter if you came knocking at our doors with a parade of dump trucks loaded to the brim with neatly wrapped stacks of hundred dollar bills.

If your Autocomplete keywords are gone, they're like lost treasure - gone for good.

Customer Acquisition Cycles Compared:


What's this autocomplete hocus pocus all about?

Think of Google autocomplete, or "Auto," as your customer's friendly helper. When your customers have a problem, they turn to Google or Bing.

As they type, Auto chimes in, pointing them right to your doorstep.

Auto continually pairs your solutions with their needs, helping your business stand out from the crowd. You become their go-to choice, and your brand earns a glowing reputation.

But here's the real magic: Auto knows when they're ready to act, leading them straight to your business at the perfect moment.

So, does Auto give your business a boost? The answer is a resounding yes!

With Auto, you're solving your customers' problems and carving a direct path to your business. It's like having a hidden helper, tirelessly promoting your brand. Now, doesn't that sound wonderful?

Can autocomplete really make my cash register jingle jangle?

Oh boy, can it ever!

Just think about it – when folks stumble upon your business through autocomplete, they're already curious about your goods.

That means they're more likely to hang out, interact, and maybe even make a purchase.

And that, my amigo, is like music to your ears... or should I say, your cash register going cha-ching!

Can autocomplete really boost my brand awareness and help me win hearts and minds?

When folks in town are looking to solve the exact problem that your company solves, they hit the web, and just like that, Auto steps in and suggests your business.

For example, if they're typing "best ice cream," Auto can say "Oh, you mean at [your business name]?"

And bam, they're on your site, salivating over your delicious scoops! And before you know it, you have a family in front of you, happily licking away.

Auto helps your customers find you faster and easier.

They now have a helpful friend guiding them right to your front door at the exact time they want your product.

With Auto, your brand shines brighter and you win more hearts in town. Now isn't that a sweet deal?

When will I see my company popping up in the Google and Bing auto-complete?

I hear ya!

Well, to nudge your business name into the auto-complete, we've got to whip up a tasty recipe of topical authority for your special keyword phrases.

How long does this culinary masterpiece take?

Well, that depends on the secret sauce, or rather, the competitiveness of the keyword phrase.

But here's a rough timeline: expect your keyword phrases to start making a grand entrance in Bing's world between 40-60 days, and for Google, set your countdown clock for 90-180 days.

Do I get to own my keyword phrase or if we might you sell the same magic words to my rivals?

Let me break it down for you, all easy-peasy:

When a keyword phrase is claimed, it becomes off-limits to every other business from sea to shining sea. Local words always contain the keyword and the locality. National keywords are keyword only.

Wanna check if your preferred keyword phrase is still up for grabs?

Simply hop onto Google or Bing, punch in the phrase, and keep an eye on the auto-complete box.

If any company name pops up after your keyword phrase in the suggestions box, alas, it's taken.

But if it's all clear, then there's a fairly good chance it's still yours for the taking!

Mind you, the reason we say "fairly good chance" is there's a little thing we like to call the "revving-up period."

This is when a keyword phrase has been snatched up, but it hasn't quite made its grand entrance in the auto-complete just yet.

How long this takes can depend on how much competition you've got and the number of people around.

Give us a buzz today and let's get the wheels rolling on your business's big leap forward! 

Your results are freakin' amazing. No offense intended, but I need to know, do you ever pull some shady tricks, some black or gray hat stuff, to snag those killer results?

Whoa there, you're asking if we engage in internet dark arts? Nuh-uh, not us!

You see, to nudge that auto-complete feature, search engines like Google and Bing are all about promoting what's hot and top-tier according to their own super-secret recipe (also known as their algorithm).

So, why does our approach work like a charm?

Because we're serving up exactly what these search engines are craving: a hefty dose of social buzz and some serious street cred for your "business web".

Picture your business web like a detailed treasure map, where X marks the spot of your website, and surrounding your website, are your primo social profiles, and all of the "online yellow pages" directory listings like Yelp and YP.

Our veteran digital search engine cartographers craft this map in such a genius way that it lives up to the sky-high standards that Google’s and Bing's algorithm use to figure out what to feature in their autocomplete using a concept called TAM, or "topical authority mapping". TAM is generally agreed by the Search Engine Illuminati to be the gold standard for 2023 and beyond.

To keep it simple, TAM is similar to the way that a library organizes books, with the general subject matter books, like the book called "All about dinosaurs" near the front of the section, and the specialized volumes called "The Surprising Evolution of Brontosaurus Toenails" near the back of the library. That's the library science of mapping!


What to Expect on your Autocomplete Journey.



Jump into the form right below, and we'll arrange a jolly good chat over an old fashioned voice call or a face-to-face Zoom, whatever floats your boat.

Together, we'll hunt down the best keywords with the help of our super software helpers, and pick the words that will be get the most meaningful financial results.

We'll then shoot you an email with a link to handle your reservation fee, and just like that, the countdown to Phase #2 begins.



Our technical wizards disappear into our hush-hush Autocomplete lab, possibly hidden somewhere that’s anyone’s guess - maybe even a seven-star executive mansion tucked away inside a hollowed-out dormant volcano on a deserted tropical island no one knows about.

In this secret lux lair, the autocomplete geniuses roll up their sleeves, weaving a blend of digital craftsmanship and big data knowledge day in and day out, nudging your business name softly but surely into the halls of Bing and Google's Autocomplete.


It's time to bust out those happy moves and party for a couple of nights - you've earned it!

We get it, this is your big dream.

We're all about making those dreams pop into reality, and that's happening right now.

No big heads allowed, though!

Make no mistake, in this hero's journey, you're the hero, and we're your trusted sherpa, here to help you climb up at whatever pace suits your groove.

Guarantee: You Get in Autocomplete, or don't spend a dime.

That's my ironclad word and I'll put it in writing. Here's a 1-2-3 summary:

1. Lock down your special autocomplete search words with a one-time reservation fee. Half of that budget goes to Bing, the other half to Google.

2. Our team has 180 days to make magic happen. If we get your words shining on Bing, but they’re invisible on Google, we give back or push forward half of your fee. If we stumble on both, the whole fee gets returned or forwarded. It's your call. Do you want a quick refund wired to your business bank, or do you want to push your fee forward towards a fresh set of words? You choose.

3. Regular monthly payments kick off when your words are glittering on both Google and Bing. After that, you can choose to smash the hyperspeed button and scale to the moon or kick back, chill, and enjoy the perks of Autocomplete. Your choice.

Our win-win gameplan, plain and simple.

I believe in the marrow of my bones that my good friends in the small business world should get a fair shake when it comes to the security of their investments into spreading the word about their ventures, even when the seas get stormy.

Pouring your hard-earned capital into big plans that end up as nothing but hot air - that just rubs me the wrong way. As your sherpa in growth, I’m hell-bent on making sure this is a good deal for both of us, and I'm ready to get my hands dirty to make it happen.

Here’s the bare-bones truth: there’s a teeny bit of risk here. That’s just part of the game. Anyone trying to tell you different is probably trying to sell you a pig in a poke...but the last thing I want is for you to sit out the game because of that tiny risk. So let me break down the business battlefield we’re on.

As hard as our team hustles, we can’t promise a home run every single time for every single one of your words. As much as I'd love to make that promise, I just can't.The big reason is that we're dealing with some heavy hitters who basically pull all the strings (Google and Bing).

They have the power to change up the game rules, and boy, do they use it, often without any warning. That’s why we all need to jump into this project with our eyes wide open.

Here's our stats: Since 2022 kicked off,
we're averaging an 82.8% success rate in getting your keywords on Autocomplete, and if that changes, you'll be the first to know. That's the reason we stand by our guarantee.

You Get in Autocomplete, or don't spend a dime

Here's the meat and potatoes of our promise:

If we can't get your word to pop up in Autocomplete on BOTH GOOGLE AND BING after 180 days, we’ll give back the proportional amount of your reservation fee(s) for those search words.

It’s that simple.

If we knock it out of the park on Bing but strike out on Google, which can happen sometimes, we'll give back 50% of your reservation fee.

If we miss the ball on both, you get the whole fee back.

Sleep easy knowing that we only sign up for a word project if we think there’s a really, really spectacular chance of us hitting a home run, a decision backed up by our big data sources.

If that time comes, it’s up to you: do you want the partial or full fee wired back into your business account, or are you in it to win it and want to roll it over to another round of search words for your business?

We're way too busy helping folks to kick butt and take names to even think about hassles, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings. We only go around this marble once, so no matter what, we stay friends. Sound good?

Let's do this.

Our agents of autocomplete are ready and excited to answer any all questions over the phone or on a Zoom, and if it makes sense for you, we'll help you lock in your valuable search terms today!

And if it's not right for whatever reason, we'll do our best to guide you to a great solution that is right for you at the moment. Either way, we can't wait to meet you.

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