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Omnivortex helps B2B companies generate booked appointments through our done-for-you account-based marketing service. 


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Our account based marketing team connects with your dream client, warms them up, and sets a discovery appointment on your calendar - every day.

Outsourced H2H Sales Development Services

We Generate Qualified Discovery Calls for Your Business, the old fashioned way, human to human The process of engaging and qualifying new sales leads can be arduous, time-consuming and expensive. Done correctly, it requires extensive planning: precise targeting data, a team of well-trained Sales Development Reps (SDRs), the right technology, effective scripts and a well-planned combination of email, phone, direct mail, and LinkedIn, backed by an hypertargeted trust-stacking campaign designed to build authority and trust and dramaticall shorten the sales cycle.

Our outsourced Sales Development Services deliver direct sales outreach, lead qualification and discovery calls by phone, voicemail, email, direct mail and LinkedIn. It's worth mentioning that we are a 100% human, 100% American agency. We don't use bots or foreign contractors in any client-facing outreach efforts. 

Our team of skilled Sales Development Reps reach out personally to engage and qualify leads. We then schedule discovery calls for you only with prospects that meet your qualification criteria.  

Our outsourced Sales Development Reps (SDRs) can also do event promotion, webinar invitation and content-sharing campaigns as part of a combined Sales + Marketing strategy.

Get Qualified Sales Leads From LinkedIn  

LinkedIn is an ideal B2B sales and marketing platform used by millions of professionals each day. We significantly increase the quantity and quality of your B2B sales leads with our LinkedIn Lead Generation services.  

You benefit with greater sales productivity, shorter sales cycles, higher revenue per sale and faster business growth.  

LinkedIn has evolved into a platform with three elements of core value: Network Building, Content Sharing and Lead Generation. For best results, it is essential to address all three areas of value. This is important to ensure your brand is communicated effectively and decision-makers are approached with the appropriate messaging. 

Our Omnichannel Approach: We employ LinkedIn as part of a comprehensive omnichannel lead generation strategy for our clients. The LinkedIn lead generation service is combined with Sales Development and outbound email and direct mail campaigns to reach your ideal prospects.  

Our comprehensive “done for you” LinkedIn lead generation services:  

  • Deliver targeted B2B sales leads 
  • Optimize your key employee profiles to present a strong value proposition to potential buyers
  • Drive your profile views up by 3-10X 
  • Build your network with thousands of ideal target customers
  • Warm up prospects with useful content and social engagement 
  • Require minimal time and effort from you  

We take a “white glove” approach to B2B lead generation that delivers value first, before leading prospects down the sales engagement path: Our approach generates warm targeted leads from LinkedIn with multiple touches, while building your reputation as an authority in your market.  

You get a dedicated Account Manager who learns your business and runs a structured LinkedIn process for you.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service works best for B2B companies with an annual customer value of $20k+. It is not suited to low value or most B2C offerings.  

Step 1: Account Targeting For high-value B2B offerings with potentially long sales cycles, it is essential to “80/20” your target account list by first eliminating low-probability candidates.  

This means targeting potential customers that are either “in market” or meet criteria indicating they have a high-probability need for your product or service.  

We achieve this by building a target list of accounts by combining third party data sources and our own proprietary research process. We zero in on companies exhibiting buying behavior or trigger events that indicate heightened interest. This reduces wasted time and money, and increases lead quality significantly. Click here to learn more about how we target your perfect clients every single time.

Step 2: LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Network Building & Engagement :Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service begins by optimizing your LinkedIn profile to present the best value proposition. We then develop hyper-targeted Advanced Searches and send connection invitations to ideal target customers. As we build your network with new prospects, we engage them with “social currency” actions such as content likes and endorsements. 

This process drives up your profile views by 3-10X, quickly moves you up the search rankings, grows your network with thousands of potential buyers, and generates warm incoming business inquiries. 

Step 3: Content Creation & Sharing After connecting with your ideal target prospects, we send a direct personalized message with a link to a helpful article, usually a case study detailing exactly how you helped a similar client. We write this article for you and publish it on your LinkedIn profile, and on your blog. 

Sharing this article directly with new prospects “leads with value”. It educates your prospect, establishes trust and provides an opportunity to decide if you are worth speaking to. It also pre-qualifies leads based on their interest level. Interested prospects will often comment and share your article on LinkedIn, which drives more traffic to your profile. New prospects may reach out to you directly after reading your article.  

Step 4: System Setup We set up email, calendar and call management systems specifically for your campaign. We use your email and calendar systems (e.g. Office 365 or Google Suite) to present your SDR as “part of the team” to prospects.

Step 5: Direct Sales Engagement We take action on your sales development campaign at scale, reaching out to a large number of prospects consistently each day by LinkedIn, phone, email, direct mail and voicemail.  

After a period of building and warming up your network of ideal prospects on LinkedIn, we move to direct sales engagement. We craft intelligent messaging that encourages two-way dialogue on LinkedIn.  

Whenever possible, we use a “lead with value” approach that addresses the prospect’s specific needs or challenges, and identifies opportunities to discuss a solution in a discovery call.  

Once your assigned Sales Development Rep (SDR) is in contact with a prospect, he or she will engage and qualify the prospect with a few key questions, answer basic FAQs about your offerings, and initiate scheduling a discovery call if your criteria is met.  

When a prospect is qualified and interested in speaking, we schedule a discovery call directly in your calendar at a mutually convenient time. We email you a short brief prior to the call. You call the prospect at the agreed time and progress the sales opportunity after that. If the prospect does not show up (it happens) then we attempt to reschedule or replace the appointment.  

Our Sales Development Reps are 100% native English speakers. We learn your business and value proposition, and represent you with the utmost care. Outsourcing your sales development to a dedicated team saves tremendous time and effort acquiring high-value leads and chasing prospects.  

If you’re considering whether to engage an outside Sales Development team, consider that this one step will save you hundreds of hours of wasted effort and guarantee real conversations with the right prospects.  

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We run "Omnitargeting", which our outbound email, direct mail, and omnichannel advertising lead generation campaigns in combination with our LinkedIn and Appointment Setting services. Our email+direct mail lead generation service includes multiple outreach messages, behavioral response triggers, in a custom, personalized campaign, and is 100% compliant with all regulations. Click here to learn more about Omnitargeting ---->

“Stacking” outbound engagement methods considerably increases response rates and allows you to access your prospect using the channel that is most comfortable for them. When all elements are in place, our step-by-step multi-channel process generates a consistent flow of high-quality leads and discovery calls. You grow your sales pipeline with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on selling and delivery.

An Integrated Approach: LinkedIn is just once piece of a comprehensive B2B lead generation program. We pair LinkedIn with direct sales outreach by phone, email and voicemail. Our skilled Sales Development Reps reach out personally to uncover new sales leads, qualify them, then schedule discovery calls for you. 

Omnivortex orchestrates nearly 150 content creation experts, as well as another 25 tech experts and engineers. Everyone works together with the precision of a Swiss watch to deliver the most innovative and effective results for our clients. We're proud to be change agents, transforming the way businesses market online. 

About this program...

 In 2015, The "High End Client Accelerate" course and group coaching program was born as a do it yourself course. Thousands of people transformed their lives by diligently following the 90 day course. What we found is that many of the people who needed it the most were also the most busy, and unable to follow a detailed program. 

In 2019, Omnivortex decided to build a team to do it all for you.

This service is the High End Client Accelerate Program, 100% implemented FOR YOU by our world-class sales development experts, marketing data science pros, media buying experts, video directors and production crews, sales copywriters and a powerful coaching team. If at some point you want to take some or all of your sales and marketing in-house, the course is available for you to learn at your own pace via an online training portal.


Lupe Lloyd: ( Biliteracy Consultant in San Antonio, Texas, LinkedIn Profile ) How Lupe Lloyd Stopped Working Harder and Started Working Smarter, Resulting In a Fast Deal Worth $175,000 and Another Deal Working Worth $500,000... Using Our Simple Paint-By-Numbers-Client-Getting Process.  

Chuck Miler: ( Real Estate Broker in Clovis, CA, LinkedIn Profile ) Watch this interview with Chuck Miller where he received 6 accepted contracts totaling $2.4M and collected $72,000, all resulting from his first week in the program.

Kathy Perry: ( Social Media Consultant, Tampa, FL, LinkedIn Profile ) Watch this interview with Kathy where she describes how Anthony helped her overcome some fears and helped her to take a leap of faith which changed her business forever.  

Mark Houng: ( Ecommerce Consultant, San Diego, CA, LinkedIn Profile ) Mark Houng collected $178,000 in fees and an additional $1.5M in contracts over the next year using the simple strategies he learned in just 17 short minutes.

Oliver Parker: ( C-Suite Recruiter, Bristol, UK, LinkedIn Profile ) Oliver Parker started from scratch and used LinkedIn to connect with his ideal client audience.  

Keith Dean: ( Real Estate Lead Generation, Derby, UK, LinkedIn Profile ) Keith Dean used the strategies he learned to add 8 new clients ($12,000/month recurring revenue) in just the first 3 weeks.

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James Farrelly: ( Business & Mindset Coach, Hertfordshire, UK, LinkedIn Profile) James Farrelly started generating sales conversations within 2 hours of implementing the simple strategies we teach. He collected over $12k within 5 days and over $100k is projected this year.

Tim Stremos: (Alternative Medical Business Strategist, Montreal, Canada, LinkedIn Profile ) Tim used our simple High End Client strategies to collect over $36k without any fancy websites or funnels. Find out how he did it during this interview with Kent Littlejohn.  

Imran Tariq: ( Multilingual Marketing Consultant, Indianapolis, IN, LinkedIn Profile ) Zero to $10k in net income collected in less than 7 days. $29,000 net income collected within the first 5 weeks of the program.

Tyler Ellison: (Ad Agency, Pleasant Grove, UT, LinkedIn Profile ) Watch to learn how Tyler locked down $70,000 within one week of starting the program.  

Gia Overton: ( Real Estate Agent, San Antonio, TX, LinkedIn Profile ) Watch to see how Gia went from almost quitting Real Estate to getting 12 listings, 12 buyer contracts, and over 8 closings within the first 7 months of starting the High End Client Program.  

How much is ONE client worth over the lifetime of your business relationship?

Do you know your client's lifetime value to your business? This calculator helps you to determine the LTV of your clients and shows you how much that value increases as they start to refer others. People have told us that this calculator has changed their life because it changes how they operate and make decisions! Enjoy!


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