Omnitargeting makes sure your best clients are thinking about you all the time.

What is Omnitargeting? 

The same powerful message delivered at the same time to exactly the right people on ALL of these messaging and advertising channels, combining an omnichannel authority presence with the power & permanence of personalized direct mail postcards and letters:

Why Omnitargeting? 

 At Omnivortex, we offer clients a proven way to increase sales while reducing cost per lead with the Omnitargeting System.  

When current and past website visitors are presented with our creative and persuasive ads, they’re 70% more likely to convert. When we layer the power of email and the permanence of direct mail, that number goes above 90%

By giving interested users many tiny opportunities to know, like, and trust your company, the effect is compounded over time, and you're much more likely to build a business relationship as a result.  

If you’re trying to attract new qualified clients and make more sales, it should come as no surprise that 80% of sales require at least 5 follow-up phone calls after the initial meeting.  

Omnitargeting is an automated way to rival even your best salesperson; think of it as your best salesperson who works 24/7 and can be automated and trained for only pennies per lead. More than 10x more powerful than traditional retargeting methods.

The Campaign Flow:

UNIFIED MESSAGING CAMPAIGN + OMNITARGETING + DIRECT MAIL + EMAIL: The following illustrates how we unify email, direct mail, and omnichannel social media ads to cut through the noise and build a strong foundation for the trust needed to cement a long-term business relationship.  

GOAL: Generate Qualified Appointments, Strategy Sessions and Inbound Calls from Owned and Acquired Lists. Converting prospects into leads is more challenging than ever before. Factors that influence the success include: quality of the prospect, the competitive environment, the fit of your solution, and the timelines of your campaign.  

APPROACH: Since these are targeted prospects with whom you have no previous relationship, we start with omnitargeting, then email, which allows you to “skim the cream” with these being more affordable channels. Then, gently fold in direct mail to bring you and your offer “into real life”, and convert the holdouts on the list. As prospects convert, the move into an onboarding “Honeymoon” flow to keep them happy and excited. After week 12, the remaining unconverted prospects move into a “perpetual testimonial” flow, with relevant testimonial ads showing on all channels with lowered adspend, and one email and direct mail offer or invitation per month ongoing until they convert.

What do the omnitargeting ads look like?

#1: Facebook

#2: LinkedIn

#3: Instagram

#4: Twitter

What does a personalization sequence look like?

#1: Email

#2: Landing Page 

#3: Retargeting Ad

Few companies do this.  

Almost all businesses are so focused on getting you to buy from them with demos and consultation buttons that they forget how B2B sales is done, which is by building relationships.  

With this content marketing strategy, prospects have fewer objections and the sales cycle is shorter — because you have earned their trust — based on your third-party credibility and positive culture, before you introduce yourself or have a sales conversation.  

How much is ONE client worth over the lifetime of your business relationship?

Do you know your client's lifetime value to your business? This calculator helps you to determine the LTV of your clients and shows you how much that value increases as they start to refer others. People have told us that this calculator has changed their life because it changes how they operate and make decisions! Enjoy!